Socks - Adults

Socks - Adults

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You can buy #LotsOfSocks socks for adults in 3 sizes based on the following shoe sizes:

  UK shoe size US shoe size Euro shoe size
4-7 6.5-9.5 37-40
Medium 6-10 7-11 39-45
Large 11-13 12-14 46-48


The Large size have SOLD OUT but we still have stock available in Small and Medium.

Please note there are 3 variations of sock pairing - orange/green, red/blue, yellow/purple. If you order 1 pair you will receive one of these. If you order 3 you will receive one of each.

Socks are 79% cotton, 20% nylon, 1% elastane.

Prices are in British pounds (GBP).